New Music Alert!!!

Hey folks!! I'm excited to announce the release of my new single, That Will Be Me (feat. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) It is now officially available on all platforms for downloading & streaming! I hope you give it a listen & I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it! It's a touching ballad that be sure to pull at your heart strings. Thank you again for all the support.  🙏🏻🎶🙏🏻


Written by: Michael Peloso

Produced by: Michael Peloso & Matthew Shell

Arranged by: Michael Peloso, Matthew Shell, & Marisa Frantz

Mixed & Mastered by: Erik Fredriksen

Marisa Frantz: vocals

Michael Peloso: piano

Yoed Nir: cello

Hector Ruano: bass

Sami Turunen: guitar




New Year! New Music

Hey folks!! I'm excited to announce the release of my new single, Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz Music & Matthew Shell) It is now officially available on all platforms for downloading & streaming! I hope you give it a listen & I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it! Thank you again for all the support.  🙏🏻🎶🙏🏻

Written, arranged & produced by Michael Peloso 
Vocals, arranged & performed by Marisa Frantz Music
Produced, arranged, & engineered by Matthew Shell
Bass by Hector Ruano
Guitars by Sami Turunen
Drums by Glenn Welman
Beatbox by JONQ
Mixing & mastering by Erik Fredriksen 
2023 Four Simple Notes Music (BMI)


Illustrate Magazine Rewind Review

Hi everyone! Check out this really nice review of Rewind that the folks at Illustrate Magazine just published.  You can listen to the song at the bottom of the review.

Rewind Lyric Video

Happy New Year everyone!! The start of every year brings with it hope. With that said, it also brings with it lessons & memories from the past that we take with us along the way.  This song is about not only reflection, but one of hope for the future.  
The song is officially available on Jan 10, but you can pre-save it here:
Without further ado, I present the official lyric video for my new single, Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz Music & Matthew Shell)
Enjoy! 🙏🏻🥂🎶🙏🏻


New Single Coming 01-10-2023!!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s already November.

I will be releasing some new music in 2023 & I’m excited to announce the first single,titled Rewind. The song will be available worldwide on January 10, 2023. It touches upon looking back at a particular moment in time when all seemed right in the world. These moments help bring comfort as we deal with the hardships of today. I’m honored to be working with Marisa Frantz Music, Matthew ShellHector RuanoGlenn Welman, Sami Turunen & Erik Fredriksen again. I really hope you enjoy it.

Below is a link to pre-save it on Apple Music, Spotify, & Deezer. It will be available on all platforms as well. Thank you again to everyone who has supported me over the years. I’m beyond grateful & humbled by it all.


Make a Wish Video Out Now!!

The official video for Make a Wish is now available on YouTube! Click the link below to check it out! Be sure to click like & subscribe to my channel for the latest updates!


Life's Little Accidents Video Out Now!!

The official video for Life's Little Accidents is now available on YouTube! Click the link below to check it out! Be sure to click like & subscribe to my channel for the latest updates!


Rear View Music Video Out Now!!

The official video for Rear View is now available on YouTube! Click the link below to check it out! Be sure to click like & subscribe to my channel for the latest updates!


 Musictalkers,com Review

Hey everyone! Check out this new & really positive review of Life’s Little Accidents by Adam Bailey @!! Thank you everyone for all your support!!


 JWVibe Review

Hey everyone!! Check it out!! Life’s Little Accidents just received its first review!! Thank you so much to Jonathan Widran & everyone @jwvibe for the kind words. This truly was a collaboration of talents. I’m beyond humbled to have worked with all of you.



Hey everyone! I did a few recent interviews promoting my new album, Life's Little Accidents! Here are the links to each show. I hope you enjoy them.

Life's Little Accidents Available Now!!

Hey everyone! My new album, Life's Little Accidents is available now on Amazon, iTunes & all streaming services!! Click the links below & order your copy today!!


Make a Wish Lyric Video Out Now!!

The official lyric video for Make a Wish is now available on YouTube! Click the link below to check it out! Be sure to click like & subscribe to my channel for the latest updates! View it today!!


Nite Run Music Video Out Now!!

The official video for Nite Run is now available on YouTube! Click the link below to check it out! Be sure to click like & subscribe to my channel for the latest updates!


New Single Available Now!!

"Nite Run" feat Nelly's Echo, the first single off my new, debut album, "Life's Little Accidents is now available on my website, iTunes & Apple Music! Click on the image below & be one of the first to purchase it before it hits stores! Thank you for all the support!  



New Album Cover

So here it is!! The official cover!! The album will be called “Life’s Little Accidents” & will be out later this year! There are still a few songs left to fully complete. I will be releasing singles prior to the album’s official release date. I’m beyond excited! More details soon. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.  🙏🏻🎶🙏🏻
Cover Artist : Max Holsbeke
Photo Concept: Erin McGuirk 



  New album in the works!!

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm working on a new album! We are almost six songs completed. I'm looking at either a last summer or early fall of 2021 release! Can't wait to share it with all of you. I hope you & your loved ones are doing well. Thanks as always for the support.


Where Do You Go? Release!!

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Happy New Release Day!!!! “Where Do You Go?” is now available!!! Click any of the links below to check it out & please share it with all your friends!! I hope you enjoy it!!! 🙏🏻❤️🎶……/where-do-you-go-feat-m…/1497806937…


Where Do You Go? Music Video!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all staying safe! The official video for "Where Do You Go?" by Four Simple Notes f/t Marisa Frantz is now available! Check it out below! I hope you enjoy it!


This House

It was an honor to have co-written this song. With all that’s going on today it actually wasn’t that hard to write. Be kind. Love. End the hate. Check out "This House" from Natalie Jean's new album "Where Do We Go From Here?" Available on all streaming & sales outlets!



New Single Coming Soon!

Hi everyone! I'm happy to announce that I just finished a new song! "Where Do You Go" will be released on May 1st, 2020. I've had the honor of working again with Matthew Shell ( Checking Out) & the amazing Marisa Frantz on lead vocals! I can't wait to share it with you!


Official GRAMMY® Consideration

Simply floored!! Two songs I co-wrote, “Echoes of Angels” & “Lost & Found” have officially made the GRAMMY® first round ballot!! Thank you to everyone for your consideration. Special thank you to Christina Gaudet, Natalie Jean & everyone who believed & still believes in my work. I’m beyond humbled. Best wishes to all the nominees as well!


Echoes of Angels- Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rock Song, Best Rock Performance

Lost & Found- Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Angels on Apple Music & Spotify! 

Michael Peloso, Lyrics. Produced by John Zych and Christina Gaudet.
Music, Performance, Arrangement, Additional Lyrics by Christina Gaudet

New Song

Hi everyone! I hope you all are well! I uploaded a demo of a song a friend of mine, Sal Vitale aka Lenny Mack (Alive, Street of Gold) wrote. This is what you get when you listen to the news & a certain someone opens their foolish mouth. He decided to give it a "retro rock" feel. You can listen to it for here. I hope you enjoy "Truer Fool" by Lenny Mack

Echoes of Angels Now Available

Hi everyone!!  “Echoes of Angels”, a song I had the pleasure of co-writing with Christina Gaudet who also performs the song is available now for download! Get it now under LISTEN section! I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks again for the support!
Peace & Love,


Echoes of Angels Set for Release

Hi everyone! I’d like to share a new song I had the pleasure of co-writing. Check out the promo video for “Echoes of Angels “! Please like and Subscribe to the Channel if you enjoyed the song! It will be available in all online stores soon! Thank you for all the support!


Echoes of Angels

Writers: Christina Gaudet & Michael Peloso

Produced by Christina Gaudet & John Zych


 Lost & Found Official Video Is Now Available

Here it is! The official video for “Lost & Found”!!! Check it out! Spread the word!!




 Lost & Found Officially Available

The song is now available on all digital media outlets!! Only .99cents!! Spread the word!!! Thank you all for your support!! We hope you enjoy it!!!


Lost & Found Heads to Radio!

"Lost & Found" the upcoming single by Natalie Jean & Michael Peloso heads for radio adds on March 25th, 2019! Listen for it on Hot AC, Adult Hits Radio & Non-Commercial Radio!


The Letting Go Enters The German Charts!

Look what just entered the Top 100 in Germany! #100! Going International! Thank you to everyone for their support of this song!


The Letting Go Wins at the 2018 Josie Independent Music Awards!

“The Letting Go” has won for Best Folk/Americana Song @ the 2018 Josie Independent Music Awards! Thank you for the recognition.


The Letting Go Video Is Here!

 Hey all! The official video for "The Letting Go" has been released!! Check it out on YouTube or by clicking the image or link below!  Help spread the word by sharing it on your social media page & by purchasing the song on iTunes today! Thank you as always for the support!

Peace & Love always,



The Letting Go Is Available Now!

Hey everyone! 'The Letting Go", a song I had the pleasure of writing with Natalie Jean is available for download NOW! So, head on over to iTunes or Amazon & check it out! Help spread the word! Call your local station & request it! Thanks as always for the support!

Peace & love always,




The Letting Go

Hey everyone!! The "Letting Go", a song I had the pleasure of co-writing with Natalie Jean and performed by her and Levi Moore is available for streaming on Soundcloud for a limited time as well as in the music section of my website. It is set for a February 14th release, but you can pre-order it beforehand! So, head on over and give it a listen and download it for only .99c!

Also, here’s the iTunes preorder link as well




Hi all! I just wanted to share a direct link to the Daniela Celella radio show that I will be interviewed on today! Show starts @ 1pm NYC time. I’m slated for 2:35. Stream it at your desk or home or car or wherever you are! Thanks for listening!


Can She Stay 

Can She Stay, a song I had the pleasure of writing with award-winning artist & friend Dennis Sy, debuted on August 15. Performed by Dennis, this beautifully crafted song inspired by my daughters deals with fatherhood and life's changes. 

Download it today from your favorite digital music retailer:  



Can She Stay Music Video

#10 Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart 

Can She Stay debuts at #10 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart (October 28, 2017).


On the Grammy® Ballot

Can She Stay is on the official 60th Annual Grammy® Ballot for BEST POP VOCAL & BEST MUSIC VIDEO!


The Story Behind "Can She Stay" 

Dennis Sy offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Can She Stay, our latest song that was released on August 15. It's truly been an honor to collaborate with Dennis on this amazing songwriting experience. Having Dennis put my words into this poignant ballad is just beyond. I'm so proud of our song and looking forward to working with Dennis on future projects. Click on this link Sy Blog to read the blog and view the video of Can She Stay. 


What the Critics are Saying - "Can She Stay" 

“Can She Stay is a beautiful song, exuding a contagious, elegantly refined melody, along with emotive lyrics and Sy’s hushed mellow voice. It’s the perfect song for a Hollywood romantic drama. I’ve downloaded it to my playlist, it’s that good. Don’t miss this one!" - The Huffington Post (9.6.17)

“Can She Stay is a powerful and poignant ode to daughters getting ready to start a new journey with the people they are about to pledge their love and lives to, but at the same time provides an affected look at the bittersweet emotions of a father in the contrasting throes of wanting to hang on and having to let go. Peloso and Sy do a magnificent job of bringing the melodrama of the moment to the fore without leaning on too many clichés." - JamSphere (8.11.17)

Peloso and Sy 's "Can She Stay" is "definitely another highlight display of the true craft of songwriting, full of emotion expressed through the beautiful perspective of a father learning to let his daughter grow up, despite his reservations." - SleepingBagStudios (7.23.17)


"Alive" In Digital Stores Now! Buy It Today!

Buy it today on iTunes 

Buy it now at Amazon 


What the Critics are Saying about "Alive"

" Alive,” with Natalie Jean featuring Michael Peloso, is a stand-out example of Peloso’s exceptional talent as a song writer and, with the expressive and artistic interpretation of the award-winning indie sensation Natalie Jean, this track comes to life creating a unique music experience. - Indie Spoonful (6.29.17) 

Read the Review

"When music is written and performed from the heart, it somehow brings a sense of connection to the artists involved, without even needing to physically see them, as their confident delivery and warm execution is enough to ground you in.

Such is the case with Natalie Jean and one of New Jersey’s finest singer songwriters – Michael Peloso and their revitalizing single “Alive” which features the awe inducing vocals of songstress Natalie Jean." - Oddfuse (6.27.17)

Read the Review


Please Don't  (Jean & Peloso)

I had the pleasure of co-writing Please Don't with the very talented Natalie Jean. It's featured on her album, Unafraid.

Buy it today!

Please Don't - Single by Natalie Jean (featuring Michael Peloso)

Unafraid by Natalie Jean


What the critics are saying about Please Don't 

"Excellent song! Natalie Jean's voice as always has a captivating quality. This is an exceptionally well-written song. Superb Production :-) :-) :-)" - Grammy Award Winning Artist Ricky Kej via Amazon

" Please Don't  ... is a  gorgeous mid-tempo ballad sung with passion... The song is incredibly well-written and has a great R&B vibe to it." - Indie Spoonful (10.10.16) 
Read the Review 

" Please Don't (featuring Michael Peloso)  finds Natalie, forcefully, but tenderly telling an ex, that there is no chance of stitching a disintegrated romance back together again." - TUNEDLOUD! (8.31.16)  
Read The Review 

"Please Don't is rich with great lyrics and an edgy pop arrangement that will resonate with mainstream music fans all over." - Jamsphere
Read the Review

"The two new songs Please Don't (written by Michael Peloso) and Now I See, written by Jean herself, are vocal driven, highly emotional pop and certainly show Jean in her best, and most compelling light." Music Industry News Network (6.10.16) 

Read the Review


5.25.2017 Josie Music Award Nomination!!!

"Please Don't" was nominated for R&B Soul Song Of The Year at the 2017 Josie Music Awards! Thank you to Josie Passantino & everyone at the Josie Music Awards for the nomination.
Peace & Love,




Please Don't FYC 59th Annual Grammy® Awards!

Please Don't is officially on the 59th Annual Grammy® Ballot for consideration.

New Single Released!!! (4.4.16)

Check out the first ever release by Ekat! A beautiful ballad called "You & Me" that I had the pleasure of co-writing.. Download it today!